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This Membership Course is open to all medical graduates. The course covers all aspects of dermatology, using some novel diagnostic algorithms and is delivered over 28 weeks and two semesters through a series of 14 online modules and a Weekend Workshop. The course focuses on practical dermatological diagnosis and treatment. There will be ongoing access to an individual tutor and to a Virtual Clinical Meeting site where participants can submit difficult cases for help with diagnosis and treatment.

The Advanced Course is open to medical practitioners who have successfully taken the Institute’s Membership course. It is delivered over four semesters of 14 weeks each. It covers Advanced Dermatology, Dermatoscopy, Dermatologic Surgery, Dermatopathology and Cosmetic Dermatology. There are weekly webinars with each module delivered over two weeks covering aspects of each of the preceding disciplines.

Please note that participation in the Australian Institute of Dermatology's courses does not lead to a regulated higher education award under the TEQSA Act. The Institute's courses are intended as professional development courses only. The courses are aimed at existing medical professionals who seek to increase their proficiency in diagnosing and treating skin diseases in their general practice.

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